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Fundraiser Gift Baskets 2019
Build or win the Basket of your dreams! Please encourage your home group to create a basket. Your basket will help support the convention immensely. 
Tickets Will Go On Sale at the convention, tickets will be sold from Friday 3:30 pm through Saturday 4:00 pm. Tickets will cost $1.00 for 1 ticket.  $5 for 6 tickets and $20 for 25 tickets.  Basket Drop Off will be Friday From Noon-3pm. at the convention (look for signs).

Room Hours of Operation
Friday  3:30 pm-7:30 pm and 9:30 pm-10:30 pm 
Saturday 10:00 am-1:30 pm. 2:45 pm-4:00 pm
Sunday All gone! 

How will I know if I have won?
Winning Tickets Will Be Displayed in the main hall after the Banquet & Speaker event, through Sunday morning at 10:00 am. 

I Won!
Pick up your basket in the Fundraiser Basket Room
Sat from 9:15 pm - 10:00 pm
Sun from 7:30 am-8:45 am.  Booth Closes at 11 am.

Any baskets not collected will be donated to the Convention Committee Volunteers.4
Gift Basket Room Hours
Gift Basket Theme: 
Courage to Change
What has changed about your attitude since working the Al-Anon Recovery Program? You can use this information to build something beautiful! Al-Anon has many tools to help us have the Courage to Change:   Conference Approved Al-Anon Literature, bookmarks, and Al-Anon recovery-themed items are encouraged. Perhaps you have more fun than before, or are more gentle with yourself and others. Maybe you have learned to feed yourself better or have woven a new family in fellowship. Perhaps you meditate and pray more, learned to plant your own seeds, found your true voice or do a better job of keeping your side of the street clean. Have fun and get creative as you work these changed attitudes into your basket design.
Gift Basket Guidelines 
Why should my group donate a basket?
Fundraiser gift baskets are the home groups way of expressing gratitude for the AFG Program and the message carried by the Convention Volunteers. All funds raised go to help the convention pay expenses for the weekend event. Show us your love!

Please refrain from enclosing items that endorse outside entities such as gift certificates or gift cards to specific shops, services or restaurants. Tradition Six reminds us Our Family Groups ought never endorse, finance or lend our name to any outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary spiritual aim. 

Click the flyer below to download and bring to your groups!:

Volunteers Needed in the Basket Room!!